Reach 10% body fat as a sustainable lifestyle.

Fix your body fat problem forever. Invest in becoming your best self. Elevate your health, wealth, and relationships.

Key program differences + Why this will work for you:

  • Tyson's winning approach - all the missing pieces (insulin, thermic, satiety, leptin, workout efficiency)
  • Education - workout, recipe, & shopping efficiency videos, recorded coaching sessions
  • The entire solution - Nutrition, exercise, mindset, accountability, motivation
  • Sustainable for life (no fads, no products, no long workouts)
  • Geared exclusively for successful professional dads
  • 1:1 weekly nutrition feedback and accountability
  • Anytime 1:1 access to dedicated coach 
  • Fat loss + muscle growth specialties
  • Initial customization call with coach
  • Ongoing insights from Tyson
  • Small group mastermind
  • Results guarantee

See all these features in action:

  • *How does the results guarantee work? If you're religiously logging your nutrition, checking in weekly, and following our coaching and don't achieve the given result, we'll keep working with you until you do. 
  • How long have you been doing this? Tyson started blogging about health and fitness in 2015 and started working 1:1 with clients in 2018. Coming from a family of serial entrepreneurs, seeing this tribe grow into a profitable business that's blessing countless lives across the country is a dream come true. Between us three tribe coaches, we've successfully coached hundreds of clients. 
  • Are the results shown on website typical? Here's an actual screen shot of where our clients are at to date. Judge for yourself. If our clients show up coachable and committed, they get results. Period. 
  • Do you provide meal plans and workouts? Our online course is very comprehensive in nature, and includes a full nutrition template. However, we're not trying to "spoon feed" our clients weekly meal plans. Our goal is to help dads develop their own awareness and habits that can last for life. We take the guesswork out of that process and provide many short workout video clips that we filmed ourselves, along with dozens of quick, healthy Johnson family meal idea video clips.
  • What's different about this program?
    • This is sustainable and flexible... you don’t have to entirely cut out pizza, ice cream, etc. or eat totally different from the family. To a large extent, you can eat how you want and workout how you want within certain guidelines. 
    • It's a long term approach (not a quick 30 or 90 day fad diet.) We have 6 and 12 month contests to recognize long term transformation.
    • We get you- This program was built and run by a working professional dad and is for working professional dads. You're busy and don't have time to live in the gym or kitchen. Time is one of your scarcest resources so you want to get lasting results as efficiently as possible. 
    • This isn't personal training where you become dependent on a trainer. It's not a book or PDF that lacks customization. It's transformational with hands on support and accountability (depending on chosen package) and is designed to be the last program you need to solve this problem. 
  • Do I need to buy a bunch of products? No, although we recommend having your favorite protein powder/ bars of choice on hand.
  • Can I workout from home? Absolutely, provided that you have some basic resistance training equipment (bench, dumbbells, etc.) and some form of cardio machine (elliptical, jump rope, etc.) 

What other dad clients are saying about us:



$2.5k PIF

3 month 1:1 coaching epxerience

  • Tyson's step by step comprehensive digital course - All the missing pieces to reach 10% body fat
  • Resources: Meal plan, workout videos, 50 recipe videos, grocery store videos, eating out tips
  • Recorded library (nutrition, exercise, mindset), Phase 1 (fat loss) + Phase 2 (muscle growth)
  • 3 months anytime 1:1 access to dedicated 1:1 coach with weekly nutrition analysis and feedback
  • 3 month Inner Circle nutrition, exercise, and mindset mastermind/ group coaching
  • Fast action only: Additional 9 month Inner Circle group coaching package
  • *25 lbs of fat loss in 12 weeks guarantee

Optional financing: 12 x $249