Client Interviews:

Lisle Updike

Update from interview: 44 year old busy executive dad and community leader with 6 kids. 10 month mark update: Went from 217 lbs and 16% body fat down to 194 lbs and 8% body fat.



34 year old busy attorney dad dropped 22 lbs of fat in exactly 4 months. 

Paul Schuck

47 year old working professional dad moved with his family across the country for a new career, but still dropped 49 lbs and 10% body fat in 14 weeks! Listen to both of his video clips. 6 month mark update: Down 69 lbs and has dropped 15% body fat.


Brom Stevens

43 year old working professional dad and community leader loses 30 lbs, reaches his healthiest weight in 10 years, and has sustained this journey after 6 months. 


Ron Johnson

71 years old, lost 40 lbs, maintained that for 2 years now

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Ron Paul

Client interview- 54 year old dad and senior consultant goes from 235 to 207 lbs in 10 weeks (see amazing before and after screen share included in this video.) 9 month mark update: Reached 195 lbs.


Doug Tolley

Client interview- Down 10% body fat in 2 months... two many amazing nuggets to list about this new sustainable lifestyle he's made for himself. 


Star Hall

How to create a fit, healthy lifestyle, lose 25 lbs in 4 months, and change your bloodwork. 13 month update: Down 40 lbs.


David Koch

Neat story and client interview with David- law partner, respected community leader, and dad who just reached his 3 month mark in our program and shares his journey in developing a more fit and healthy consistent lifestyle


Jeffrey Smith

Going from 290 to 215 lbs... and has been so successful I brought him on as a tribe coach!


David McKnight

47 years old, down 20 lbs in 2 months, business owner and dad


Joe Hempel and Jeffrey Smith

Panel interview with two amazing dad clients who are 2 months into the program. All kinds of nuggets!


Brett Peterson

Reached his initial goal of losing 20 pounds in 2 months even with a full time career, several side hustles, and a young family.


Chris Dauge

53 year old mom and grandma lost 10% of her body fat and has sustained that long- term (she's in our women's group called "Fit Healthy Tribe" lead by Tyson's wife.)


Amanda Hempel

Client interview- Down 15 lbs and sustaining that since Sept '20. People have started coming up to her at work asking what's changed. (Sorry about the poor audio quality.)


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