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Lisle U.

44 year old busy executive dad and community leader with 6 kids loses 33 lbs of fat in 4 months and reaches 8% body fat. Listen to Hall of Fame #2 interview too. 2 year mark update: Maintained 8% body fat, put on 13 lbs of muscle, and maintaining. 


Tyrel W. 

37 year old director loses 44 lbs (9% of his body fat) and reaches his pre-marriage weight.


Paul S.

47 year old working professional dad moved with his family across the country for a new career, but still dropped 49 lbs and 10% body fat in 14 weeks! 12 month mark update: Down 80 lbs and has dropped 17% body fat. Listen to Hall of Fame #3 interview too.


Brom S.

43 year old working professional dad and community leader loses 30 lbs, reaches his healthiest weight in 10 years, and has sustained this result 12+ months.


Ryan T.

48 year old President and father of four boys. Look at his success after just two months in the program!

Patrick B.

36 year old busy attorney dad with 4 kids shared: "In April 2021 I stumbled upon your program. I'd lost and gained weight any number of times and was tired of the yo-yo. I (decided to join your program.) In four months I'd dropped over 20 lbs... Now, 2 years later I'm lighter (and stronger) than I've ever been. I just wanted to say thank you. And let you know how grateful I am for the long term viability of the program."

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Ron J.

71 years old, lost 40 lbs, maintained that for 3 years now.

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Ron P.

Client interview- 54 year old dad and senior consultant goes from 235 to 207 lbs in 10 weeks (lost 28 lbs.) 12 month mark update: 201 lbs (leanest since college.) Listen to Hall of Fame #2 interview too.

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Doug T.

Client interview- Down 10% body fat in 2 months... too many amazing nuggets to list about this new sustainable lifestyle he's made for himself. 


Star H.

How to create a fit, healthy lifestyle, lose 25 lbs in 4 months, and change your bloodwork. 13 month update: Down 40 lbs.


David K.

Neat story and client interview with David- law partner, respected community leader, and dad who just reached his 3 month mark in our program and shares his journey in developing a more fit and healthy consistent lifestyle.


Jeffrey S.

Going from 290 to 215 lbs... and has been so successful I brought him on as a tribe coach!


David M.

47 years old, down 20 lbs in 2 months, business owner and dad.


Joe H. and Jeffrey S.

Panel interview with two amazing dad clients who are 2 months into the program. All kinds of nuggets!


Brett P.

Reached his initial goal of losing 20 pounds in 2 months even with a full time career, several side hustles, and a young family.


Troy B.

54 year old dad and business owner 6.5 months in the program and down 5.5" with his stomach, down 10% body fat, and has lost 30 lbs. His actual tracker posted below. 12 month update: maintained result and building muscle. 



49 year old CEO and grandpa

Bill W.

51 year old career dad loses 30 lbs in 4 months and reaches 13% body fat largely on a vegan diet. 12 month update: has maintained same results through shoulder injury and Covid sickness. Listen to Hall of Fame #3 interview too.


Tyson P. 

44 year old contractor, 4 months in, down 37 lbs, shares how it's changed his mobility.


Nile H.

56 year old professor with dairy and gluten intolerance loses and maintains 30 lbs of fat loss after 8 months. 15 month mark update: 50 lbs of fat loss. "I still have ups and downs but they're much smaller than they were before."

Jason T.

42 year old business owner goes from 12% to 6% body fat in 3 months.

Aaron T. 

49 year old tech entrepreneur - amazing 3 month transformation losing 24 lbs fat and gaining 12 lbs muscle - full YouTube video interview here.)


Derek H.

57 year old Chief Marketing Officer dad goes from 257 to 210 lbs in 7 months. 

"I’ve gone from a XL shirt to a L, 17.5” neck to 16.5” and 38” waist to 34”. I have altered all my suits and bought a whole new wardrobe... the habits that I have developed over the past 7 months are here to stay."

12 month mark update: "The changes you encouraged me to make have solidified into strong habits. My tastes and desires have truly changed... Five months latter, I'm happy to report I'm at 203lbs." 

Nate M.

47 year old doctor and dad. Incredible body fat transformation in just 10 weeks.

Kimmee W.

30 year old busy mom maintains 34 lbs of fat loss after 10 months in program. See Hall of Fame #3 interview too.

Adam B.

49, partner, lost 19 lbs of fat and 4.5" off stomach, reached 14% body fat, has gained 12 lbs of muscle after moving to phase 2, at 12 month mark

Kingston W.

40 year old CEO and father of 5 kids. 


"I just completed my one year mark... I've been able to maintain 11% body fat... it's been such a cool journey that is going to pay huge dividends..."

Andre H.

59 year old VP, dropped 27 lbs and 10% body fat in 2.5 months. Listen to a comment he made in his peer coaching group... 


Derek W.

50 year old attorney dad, lost 27 lbs and reached his goal weight of sub 200 lbs in 17 weeks, and has maintained that past his year mark.

Tristan K.

57 year old business owner grandpa down 26 lbs at 15 week mark. More importantly, he's implementing new long-term health habits!

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