Jeffrey Smith, Elite exercise & nutrition coach

Age: 50. Father of two girls, married 27 years, one grandson. Lives in St Louis, Missouri.

My journey started in 2012 when I found myself overweight and out of shape. I was dealing with a variety of health issues and decided to make a change. In college I was fit and active in the gym but over the years I had let those interests slide.

At age 50, I am healthier and stronger than I ever was in my 20’s. I am a former triathlete and Ironman finisher, I’ve participated in a number of long distance cycling events and have over 40 running events under my belt.

In 2017 I suffered a heart event and my weight started to fluctuate and I found I needed a new focus... strength training became that. Nutrition and understanding how the body works in conjunction with food and training was my goal. I had always trained and ate whatever.

I am injury prone (because I push myself) but I love striving for a lean, strong looking body and working with Tyson has me one step closer to being the fittest, strongest six-pack dad there is :).