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Our products for accelerated fat loss & muscle growth

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Tyson's go-to. Use code "sixpackdadtribe" for 10% off.

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Fit Index body fat scale

We suggest you measure body fat % (not just weight.)

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Atomic Habits

Incredible book that aligns beautifully with what we teach.

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Whey protein

High quality bulk protein less than anywhere else (we like vanilla flavor)

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Protein Shaker Bottle

Wide opening, convenient shaker

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Fairlife Chocolate milk

The best chocolate milk ever (with 30g of protein) - Costco sometimes has good deals

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Fit Crunch Bars

The best protein bars ever

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Quest Chips

Pricey, but a great alternative to normal chips

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Adjustable dumbbells

Pair of NordicTrack 55 lb adjustable dumbbells

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Tribe Hat

Your "cool status" will instantly 2x by wearing.

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Tribe T-Shirt

Cool status 3x

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Tribe Hoodie

Cool status 4x

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