Our Amazing Team:

We have ridiculous quality talent. This provides our customers a different and transformational experience.

Tyson & Cheri Johnson, Founders, Owners, Coaches

  • Tyson: St Louis MO, man of faith, full time corporate sales career, BYU bachelors in psychology/ business, former ecclesiastical leader. Went from 20% body fat to 8% in 2004 and has maintained 10% since (click here to read more.) 1:1 coach and runs and oversees all aspects of growing tribe.
  • Cheri: Homemaker, BYU bachelor's fitness/wellness, master's secondary ed, former PE teacher and personal trainer. At pre-pregnancy weight from 2007 after having three boys. 1:1 tribe coach for the moms and creates all the recipes for the tribe.

Greg Johnson, Enrollment Coach & Mentor

  • Salt Lake City UT, man of faith, grandpa
  • CEO of Webcheck Security - Penetration testing and cyber advisory
  • Former Gold's Gym personal trainer
  • Tabernacle at Temple Square choir member
  • Down 40+ lbs of fat, 14% body fat, tribe member and coach since Jan '21
  • Director of coaching, tribe coach, enrollment coach

Wade Reed, Enrollment Coach

Doug Stoddard, Habit Breaker Expert & Mindset Coach

  • Pocatello ID
  • Six Children 19 grandchildren
  • BYU-I and ISU alumni and man of faith
  • Speaks, Coaches and trains CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and their teams to identify and shift their habits of thinking that drives self-deception that costs them 6, 7, and even 8 figures, as well as relationships, fulfillment, and confidence. Here's his website.
  • Coaches on deeper mindset, neural pathway issues, with emotional eating, relationship with food, motivation, etc (root cause problems)

Jeffrey Smith, Mentor

  • St Louis MO, grandpa, man of faith, full time corporate career in procurement, entrepreneur
  • Tribe member and coach since June 2020. Background in triathlons and powerlifting (click here to read more.)
  • Works 1:1 with many of our clients, also helps with podcasts and member events

Lisle Updike, Mentor

  • San Antonio TX, executive, dad
  • Ecclesiastical leader
  • Hall of Fame tribe winner
  • 2+ years in tribe with remarkable fat loss and muscle growth results

Dr. Todd Plumb, Mentor

  • St George UT, M.D. & Anesthesiologist
  • Dad, man of faith
  • In tribe since July '22
  • Hall of Fame tribe winner
  • Down 40+ lbs, benches over 350 lbs

Derek & Candie Williams, Mentors

  • Salt Lake City UT, attorney, support specialist
  • Derek joined tribe July '22 and is a hall of fame member
  • Candie joined after seeing Derek's success and is has lost 4.5" off her stomach and has dramatically improved her blood work
  • Candie is our first women's coach (in addition to Cheri)

Joseph Carmack, Community Leader

  • Merrimack NH, BYU alumni, dad
  • Sr principal scientist, PHD
  • Tribe member since June 2021 (started program while wife was pregnant with their 5th child)
  • Hall of Fame tribe winner
  • Maintained 40+ lbs fat loss
  • Motivates and encourages other tribe members

Tyson Petersen, Mentor

  • Salt Lake City UT
  • Dad
  • Hall of Fame tribe winner
  • Down 60 lbs in 12 months and lost 9.5" off stomach

Kris Einboden, Nutrition & Exercise Coach

  • St Petersburg, Florida
  • Bachelor's BYU-I
  • Strength & fitness coach since 2021
  • NASM personal training certified
  • Precision Nutrition level 1 certified

Mary Dagang, Administrative Assistant

  • Wife and mother (Philippines)
  • Bachelor's - University of the Immaculate Conception

Barb Hansen, Payroll Manager

  • Cheri's mom
  • Master's degree - English (former educator)
  • Incredible servant leader and woman of faith

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